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Thanks & Word Count

Thanks to Janene for setting up this group. Wonderful!

Here is a tip that Janene, Rob and I discussed at the meeting- on Office Word go to Tools and then Word Count and it counts your words and tracks them or records the amount of words at the bottom of the document.

Regards Sally


  • Janene Maloney

    No worries Sally. It's a great network to keep connected with others.  So many teaching gems and amazing educators out there.

    I'm meeting with the Principal and DP tomorrow to discuss my portfolio. They have a wide perspective and great advice, so I'm really looking forward to it.

    Will keep in touch :)



  • Gail Kelly

    Thanks Janene and Sally. Look forard to reading any advice your Principal and DP gave Janene. Am in need of guidance especially format. Are bullet points ok or brief paragraphs? I'm doing all mine in a folder, with printed evidence. Is this ok or reflects my level of ICT skill???

    Thanks, Gail

  • Sally Roach

    Hi Gail

  • Sally Roach

    I think it is ok to submit as a hard copy or digitally according to the guide. I am not sure about bullet points and I was going to give them a ring about this next week unless someone else can give us an answer on that one. Kind Regards Sally

  • Janene Maloney

    Hi Gail. I haven't seen anywhere that it can't be bullet points so I think that will be fine. If you want to be sure you might want to ring TeachNZ 0800 165 225. I hear they are really helpful. The panel will have 30 minutes to look at each portfolio so my feeling is use a format that is clear and succinct. A folder with bulleted points sounds ideal.

    My Principal and DP strongly advise that I should put TAI at the centre of my portfolio, and use it to demonstrate my evidence and link it across the quadrants. Still giving this some thought at the moment...

    Kind Regards, Janene

  • Sharon

    Hi Janene

    Thank you for the invitation to be part of this group.   I am the only teacher from Wairoa so I feel like I'm flying quite blind.   This forum will give me some idea as to whether I am interpreting things in the same way as others :)

    Regards, Sharon

  • Janene Maloney

    Hi Sharon

    Great to meet you :) I think we are all flying a bit blind at the moment. I spoke to Sally today about the content of the portfolio. We discussed using our Teaching as Inquiry(s) as robust evidence (of our practice, student achievement, engagement, PLD, and peer leadership) and we would refer to this across the quadrants in the body of the portfolio. We also talked about working backwards - collating the evidence we have, updating our current Teaching as Inquiry(s) and then writing the sections of our portfolio.

    When deciding what to include keep thinking about the keywords "Exemplary" and "priority learners".

    All the best Sharon, Janene

  • Sally Roach

    Hi Everyone

  • Sally Roach

    It was great to chat to you yesterday Janene -it helped clarify some ideas and extend some. I rang TeachNZ - bullet points are fine and they explained that if that is what suits your purpose to best deliver your point that is suitable. I also inquired if our "Teaching as Inquiry" could be used as evidence and this is also acceptable. Janene said that someone had spoken to her about what she was proud of in her room. This helps with - What puts your actions above and how have these actions impacted ,lead to positive outcomes for your learners.