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No eels for dinner

By Jason Ruakere

Kia ora koutou,

We had a successful overnight stay at our home a couple of weekends ago. We completed how hinaki thanks to the help of our parents and managed to set the hinaki in the river just before dark. 

Ka pai whānau!

The boys warmed up by the wood burner while the adults prepared and cooked pizzas in the outside oven. We rose at 6am the next morning to catch a glimpse of Puanga and then waited for the sunrise to collect our hinaki. Around 7am we headed out to the river with excitement but were disappointed to find no eels had been caught. We saw atleast three eels swimming around the hinaki and realised perhaps that they had possibly entered the hinaki eaten the bait and escaped through a few holes. 

Not to be discouraged we will fix up our hinaki and have another go soon. 

For this activity we focussed on the Beyond the classroom dimension of the e-Learning Planning Framework which is about using technologies to engage with whānau/iwi and hāpori in culturally responsive ways.

Our technology focus involved the boys taking photos with the ipads and then sharing these on our blog. Their teacher filmed the boys working on the hinaki, added a narration and then shared it to my email. Our Literacy focus was around writing their first blog post.




Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

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