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Digital Mihi - creating a connection

Cross posted from http://inspire-innovate-educate.blogspot.co.nz/2014/05/digital-mihi.html

I presented the first 5 slides to the participants. Below are my speaker notes.

Why mihi?
Mihi is a way of establishing a connection with an audience. We are looking to tell a story, to establish links or find commonalities, to establish our identity and in some cases to establish our credibility.

Why digital?

Mihi are traditionally delivered orally but using a digital format enables accesssibility for all. (Multi lingual, sign language, voice over recording, text and images) 
Adding images allow you personalisation, to tell your story your way, images give us more
information than text alone can, you can add sounds and music to your images.
Images = building a story = building a connection, we are more likely to engage when someone shares information as a story, the act of storytelling relaxes us, makes us feel safe, is familiar to us, allowing us to more easily process and retain new information.


Embed + link + share, being a digital format means you can link to your mihi online or embed it into a presentation shared online. You can also share your story more widely engaging a wider audience and connecting beyond face to face.

Telling a story 
More on the importance of storytelling as part of presenting, includes a link to a stunning piece on the psychology of storytelling.

What's in a mihi?
Traditional and modern options. Modern allows you to share as much or as little as you like, to share what is important to you and what is appropriate to your audience.

How do I want to share? 
Time for you to think about what you want to include, how you want to share, what format you want to use. 

The next slides are like a mini inquiry - you pick your path through getting more information, examples or tools to produce you own mihi.

Feel free to have a go with your students, your colleagues, yourself, use my links and have fun!