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Visual Arts Summary 16th June to 22nd June 2014

Big Printmaking Festival - Request for Prints


Arts Facilitator Position


Illustration Folios

  • Daniella contributed photos of 4 illustration based folios, in response to Pippa and Nikki’s requests the previous week.
  • Samantha thanked Daniella for her contribution, and shared a board of her own students work, as well a s a link to Scholarship design exemplars from 2009 that looked at illustration.
  • Daniella encouraged Samantha, and explained that her E exemplar also got scholarship.
  • Leah also had a student do well with illustration last year, and suggested a link to a Top Art design example from 2010.


‘Art Design’ versus ‘Design and Visual Communication’ discussion continued this week:

  • Tina shared her perspective and experience, and described an example she uses to explain the difference between the two subjects.
  • Sally described a similar example to Tina to help students understand the difference, and speculated in the economic motivation behind terminology changes. She also reflected on passion and flexibility being important to students as they plan their learning pathways.
  • Donna focused on being proactive and strategic, considering how collaboration between subjects can benefit students. DVC is part of the visual arts department at her school.
  • Rosemary connected with Donna for a school visit to see how DVC runs within a visual arts department.
  • Chas has noticed student numbers increasing in Design and is interested in subject choice trends. He observed that students are opting more for digital based media over the ‘hands on’ options like print, sculpture and photography.
  • Motu was interested in Donna’s work too. He reflected that this discussion was a symptom of old ways of viewing curriculum and how learning should occur, and though students move between subject areas, teacher presently don’t. At his school, the name ’Spatial Design’ is used for graphics to better describe the subject, and Product Design and Visual Art Design are also subjects offered. Collaboration is a characteristic of staff culture at his school. He also noted that trends in modern education practices do in fact fit well with designers and creators.
  • Donna responded to Motu about the need for curriculum design to better reflect the world students live in, and was keen for Motu to share his work and ideas further.
  • Annie briefly noted that students can make sense of the differences. She also noted that Art and DVC work hand in hand at her school, with both areas incorporated in the Y7/8/9 courses.
  • Diane mentioned that at her school, both DVC and Visual Arts Design come under the Visual Arts Department. She has explored mixing the standards, but was mindful of the workload for students. This year two separate classes are running, in response to student interests and needs.
  • Carolyn responded to Chas, noting similar trends, through her painting classes were larger this year. Her school also offers illustration and comic book design.
  • Chas accessed some stats (from Marama at NZQA) to clarify his speculation, noting quite a drop off in visual arts student numbers, between 2012 and 2013.
  • Tina thanked Chas for the stats, and further analysed them to reveal reducing numbers, and wondered about what students students were preferring to take.
  • Lila put forward a passionate argument about name changes, and the impact of vocational pathways. She also felt that merging two subjects created a confusing mess that did neither subject any favours, and mentioned about technology teachers in intermediate schools being something that was fought for.
  • Simon runs two design courses - Visual Art Design focusing on two-dimensional design, and Spatial and Product Design focusing on three-dimensional design. He focused on the importance of a subject name that describes what is being learnt.
  • Clark responded to Simon, and summed up that the future of education is about letting parts of curriculum overlap and embracing this, rather than separating subjects.


2013 Exemplar Query

  • Tina asked when we might be seeing the 2013 exemplars on the NZQA site.


‘Show me Shorts’ Film Festival Screenings Programme

  • Rachel shared a flyer and information about the upcoming festival, which is offering school screenings. The full programme will be announced in September. Her contact email: rachael@showmeshorts.co.nz


ANZAAE Conference Update

  • Donna let us know that registration numbers were over 200 and climbing, see the website for programme details: www.anzaae2014.co.nz


Part-Time Art Technician Position


Google Apps and Chromebooks

  • Lee asked for thoughts and suggestions, as his school is moving towards Chromebooks for Y9s next year.
  • Meredith responded, explaining how a Chromebook roll-out was going at her school. She noted that just having the technology didn’t make students any better at searching.
  • Rowena responded to both Lee and Meredith, focusing on what little real experience students had using digital tools. She suggested Pixlr editor - a chrome app.


1.2 Assignment for Year 10s

  • Maryann is looking for a tried and tested assignment to run with her Y10s.


LOUDER Festival

  • Beth advertised this event, designed to raise awareness about human trafficking, and to raise funds for anti-trafficking work done by Hagar International: http://www.loudernz.org


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