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Visual Arts Summary - 2nd to 14th June 2014

A 'double-whammy' summary this week of the previous fortnight's activity. Activity has increased again on the list over the past few weeks, with a few issues in particular sparking attention, including vocational pathways, DVC, and Tim's 'famous artist folios'. The 'Creative Industries' element of the pathways is in its final stages of development, and should be available shortly. Ironically (i thought!) there is something called 'ART' - which doesn't mean 'art', it means 'Achievement Retention and Transition'. An aspect of ART seems to be the embedding of the Vocational Pathways in school achievement planning for Level 2 students, and includes an implementation matrix for schools. I think this may be creating the 'urgency' that seems to be emerging around vocational pathways... Check out these sites for further information: 

Youth Guarantee site: http://youthguarantee.net.nz/start-your-journey/

More about ART: http://youthguarantee.net.nz/achievement-retention-transitions/

This booklet has an introduction to Creative Industries: http://youthguarantee.net.nz/assets/assets/VP-bi-fold-brochure-Apr14.pdf


Week of 2nd to 8th June:

Clay Workshops

Britt asked about clay workshops and kiln use in the Auckland area. Suzy suggested www.ceramics.co.nz/ and ‘Auckland Potters’ based in Onehunga. Cathy Warden offered her own experience and expertise, and willingness to visit at Britt’s school.


Freeville Exhibition at RAMP Gallery in Wellington

Dawn promoted the floor talk for this exhibition, which is a photography-based project developed in collaboration with students and staff at Freeville Primary School in New Brighton, Christchurch. This exhibition is on until the 27th June. http://www.rampgallery.co.nz/?p=1731


Level 1 Design Based Folio

Ben is keen to see Year 11 design based folios and programmes, as he is diversifying his programme.


West Auckland Photography Exhibition

Lee invited everyone to the West Auckland Schools Photography exhibition at the Corban Estate Arts Centre, which I trust was a wonderful success. Let us know how it went Lee.


CATA Meeting and Top Art Exhibition

Was on the 11th June at Mairehau High School. A reminder the subs are due for CATA membership, $50 department, $30 sole charge, $10 association membership. Contact treasurer Rachel at r.goldstein@kaiapoi.school.nz


Van Gogh’s ear…

Esther shared a link to a new art work using Van Gogh’s family DNA to regrow his severed ear…



Kumeu Teen Art Workshops

Lynn promoted art courses being run by the Kumeu Arts Centre focusing on teenagers - drawing, painting, print and jewellery/metal craft. There are also courses for younger students. These course run through June, July and August. Contact Sarah: thetinshed@clear.net.nz


Year Book Course


  • Jane is working towards running a level one course focused on developing and publishing the school magazine, using NCEA credits from media studies, English, photography and design. She is keen for others to share ideas and approaches. This request generated plenty of ideas and interest.
  • Nic shared approaches with students in Rarotonga, where they worked recently as HOD across visual arts and IT, using standards 91071, 91072, 91073, and 90917. 90915 can be used separately. Follow the link for more details.
  • Susie and Kiri are interested in knowing more, Kiri is working with a group of students at lunchtimes presently to complete the year book.
  • Maryann is holding a three day workshop soon to relieve the end of year rush on the magazine, see her post to read more.
  • Beau and Emily reminded us about Passionfruit Magazine, an ambitious and successful integrated course developed by Sam Cunnane. See a description of the work in the Visual Arts Curriculum Guide: http://seniorsecondary.tki.org.nz/The-arts/Learning-programme-design/Designing-a-senior-secondary-integrated-programme-visual-arts



Week of 9th to 15th June:

Digital Art Room

Tim is keen for contributions from teachers for the website he is developing. He’s interested in hearing about e-learning in the visual arts, and is interested in flip learning, class web pages, online portfolios, and BYOD. Contact Tim: tim_thatcher@hotmail.com - www.digitalartroom.co.nz


Junior Art Teachers Workshop

Hawkes Bay, at EIT on the 20th June with Shelley Ryde, $30, registrations need to be in by the end of Monday 16th please to Diane morris: diane.morris@woodford.school.nz


Vocational Pathways

Rowena inquired about whether other schools were implementing Vocational Pathways, and felt quite strongly about this being at the expense of academic pathways. Jane also shared a similar experience of her school ‘rushing’ to implement, and wondered about other schools experiences. Grace is responding by developing pathways in Performing Arts, Maori Performing Arts, and Fashion at her school, and is interested in hearing about creative career pathways being developed in other schools. See her post for more details.


Pasifika Update

An interesting and detailed update from Pasifika facilitator for Literacy/English/ESOL Online Michelle Johansson - follow the link to review. Rowena shared this post further with staff at her school.


ANZAAE Conference Update

A reminder to register, the portal for registered delegates to register for practical workshops in open on the website http://www.anzaae2014.co.nz/workshop-registration.html


Michel Tuffery Workshop

At the City Gallery Wellington, for details and bookings see: http://www.artsight.co.nz/artist-workshops-wellington.html?view=events


If famous artists did folios…?

Tim has put together level 3 folios for the work of ‘famous’ artists - his post was super popular and very well received, a really clever idea. Rob and Sudhir made observations comparing artistic practice and NCEA requirements, related to chronological order, and time taken between artistic development. Rob observed that ‘jumping up and down on the spot’ as we talk about in NCEA, is where artists in fact generate cash flow.



Level 3 Illustration Folios

Pippa is interested in seeing illustration folios focusing on graphic novels or book illustration, and Nikki is keen to see some too. This request has come up a few times this year.


ASATA Meeting

Was held last week, with a focus on Moving Image. A reminder that subs are due too.


Accelerating Pasifika Achievement in the Arts

This webinar was held last week, and the powerpoint resource is available at the link to this post.


ANZAAE Conference - Print Exchange

Esther reminded us about the print exchange that will be happening as part of the conference. The 30th June is the deadline for registering your interest in the print exchange. See her post for more details, and contact Esther at: ehansen@pukekohehigh.school.nz


Graphics to Design and Visual Communication

Michael raised this issue again about the technology name change of ‘Graphics’ to ‘Visual Design and Communication’, creating confusion with Art Design. He specifically asked for ways to ‘present an argument that clearly celebrates the core business of a visual arts course over a Design and Visual Communications course’. Emily offered some help, and Sudhir offered his opinion. There was significant discussion of this on visarts in the past. If you go to the archive, and put ‘Graphics’, or ‘Design and Visual Communication’ into the search, you’ll pull up some of these discussions from 2012.


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