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UFB-Ultra Fast Broadband in Whangarei

Hi all, I wrote last on July 11 about our journey here in Whangarei about finding an RSP-Retail Service Provider-for the rollout of Ultra Fast Broadband for my school-Morningside School and 5 other schools who were also being connected soon. The selection process, as discussed in my last blog, was exciting with lots of new learning and processes to go through. We narrowed our choice down to 2 RSPs with whom we asked for some further clarification on some line items. After this was done ORCON came out on tops. The follow up has been good with one school connected now to the UFB network and the rest soon to follow over the next few weeks. As luck would have we wil be last to be joined. I am planning an elearning summit (just a Saturday get together) with my Year 5-6 colleague soon to identify areas in the curriculum where we can ramp up exponentially our ICT integration. Exciting times ahead.