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Visual Arts Summary: 26th May - 1st June 2014

How is it June already?! Ideas for ongoing evidence gathering for formative assessment (and indeed for summative assessment) was the topic of conversation that drew interest - this evidence would of course be invaluable for assembling external moderation submissions too. Here's the summary of the past weeks' activity: 


Webinar - Accelerating Pacifika Achievement in the Arts

This professional development opportunity is on 11th June, 3.30-4.30pm - facilitators are Alana Madgwick, Patrice O’Brien, Sally Waanders and Michelle Johansson. Follow this link to join the session: https://ca-sas.bbcollab.com/m.jnlp?sid=2012123&password=M.D8A401E13B60B12810362437A1B9F5 Audio dial in: 083033, pin is 319198#.


Top Art

Is at Mairehau High School 3rd-11th June (weekdays). Contact Angela to book your class visit: marshala@mairehau.school.nz


Code of Conduct

Susie asked for any ideas related to reviewing school’s ‘codes of conduct’, and would appreciate any copies - sgilroy@southerncross.school.nz


Formative Assessment

Paula requested any ideas, options or apps for ’easy and fast’ evidence gathering for formative assessment.


  • Paula has used Google Draw successfully before
  • Graeme suggested Pinterest (it has a small comments box)
  • Angela uses Google Drive, with shared student folders. She’s also used Evernote and Facebook, but prefers Google apps.
  • Tim supports the use of Google Drive - make a document and drop in images. He also recommends ‘Real Time Board’ (Google App) though you can only have a limited amount of boards (though the Photo teacher at my school - also named Tim! is trailing it with students who ‘share’ a RT Board - so they can see each other’s work and ideas - I can also support him and the students by adding suggestions, and it emails notifications when anything new is added). He also suggests ‘Kaizena’ (a Google Docs add-on) that allows you to add verbal and written feedback to documents.
  • Christopher is trialling using screen recording software and recording feedback (from your computer screen), and suggesting artist models by showing a web page or jpeg. I was introduced to ‘Movenote’ last week, a Google Drive add-on, which allow you to record yourself ‘speaking to’ a Google presentation…



Screen Print Workshop

Eleanor Whyle will be leading this ‘extended’ workshop. Book now at: http://www.artsight.co.nz/artist-workshops-auckland/screen-print-extended.html


ANZAAE Conference Update

A reminder to register for the conference. The Max Gimblett presentation was last week, and will be played back at the conference for those that couldn’t be there. Any registered delegates who would like to chair a session (involves time-keeping, introductions, managing questions time etc) please contact d.petero@alfristoncollege.school.nz.


ASATA Meeting 12th June

Starting 4pm at Rutherford College, with presentations on “moving image’, teachers exhibition, printmaking and other workshops etc. A reminder about membership and subscriptions, Lee attached a subs form to his post.


MEd Artist Teacher

Rob brought our attention to an online MEd Artist Teacher degree offered through the University of West Scotland, and asked for any thoughts. Martin recommended an MA&D, a degree programme that he completed online throughout AUT.



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