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Visual Arts Summary 12th - 18th May 2014

Finally kia ora and greetings from me this week, and a brief sum up of the week that was week 2, term 2. I must say I was quite inspired by the stop motion animation ideas that were shared, and have plunged into an experiment with a junior class this week, I'm finding it interesting to observe that even in the early stages, the digital medium is inviting students to 'automatically' contextualise their selected visual arts research against its historical background, as they try to 'activate' the time-based medium to tell their stories.


ANZAAE Conference

The programme for the conference is now populated and looking very interesting. The 'early bird' payment deadline is now past.


Engraving / Etching Machine

Tina asked for some thoughts on purchasing one of these, as she plans for next years' department budget.


Shigeyuki Kihara's Exhibition

Donna alerted us to her exhibition at Corbin Estate in Auckland. I see there is a public forum being held this Saturday afternoon 1-3pm, which looks really interesting.


iPad Apps

Nikki is interested in hearing about apps suited to intermediate age students. Kathie mentioned 'Stop Motion Studio', which Year 7s at her school have used. Grant pointed out an animation course coming up in Hamilton on the 9th June, being run by Josh Wedlake, find out more at www.visualstrategies.co.nz Sarah's Year 7 and 8s created origami animals and sets to make stop motion movies, and added sound effects developed in drama class and recorded on their devices.


CATA's 'Big Printmaking Festival' in Christchurch

Sunday 18th May saw the beginning of the Big Printmaking Festival in Christchurch. This coming Sunday the 24th is the "road roller printmaking" starting 10am at the corner of Cashel and High streets. Let us know how it goes!


Liquid Light

Lee inquired about how to get hold of 'liquid light'. Sally recounted her experience using liquid light with students, Laura thought that using liquid light was a cyanotype process. Rene described using it, and Bianca uses liquid light in her own work and was able to detail a supplier, as well as generously sharing contact details for further questions.


Max Gimblett Talk

Max Gimblett will be talking about the 'heart of creativity' next Wednesday 28th May, at AUT city campus, rsvp to vmoore-allen@pukekohehigh.school.nz


Madeline Campbell

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