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Visual Arts Summary 5th - 11th May 2014

Kia ora everyone,

Another quiet week on our list, a busy beginning to the new term, or the beginnings of hibernation as we move into late autumn? Virginia attended the free print workshop in Auckland with Dagmar Dyke and Alexis Neal on Saturday, and let us know that is was 'wonderful and rewarding' - thanks to ASATA for organising this.

Keep connected by sharing - how are teaching inquiries progressing in the visual arts - do you have a story that might be inspiring or thought provoking for others? Challenges that others may have suggestions or ideas for?

How does your department manage external moderation - what digital methods are used to make the evidence collection and storage easier, and how do students participate in this process? 


NZ Sculpture onShore:

School groups are welcome to visit this exhibition of sculptural installation work at Fort Takapuna Historic Reserve in Devonport, 6th - 16th November. Visit: http://nzsculptureonshore.co.nz/ or contact Jan: eventmanagernzsculptureonshore.co.nz


NCEA Levels 2 and 3 Photography and Illustration Professional Development:

Is on Friday 30th May at Tauranga Girls College, $180 including lunch, Shay Hulsebosch, Grant Thompson and Peter Coxon are facilitating. See http://www.visualstrategies.co.nz for more details, register by emailing grant.visualstrategiesgmail.com


Design/Art Relief Position:

Jodie let us know that their is a 5 week full time position available 21st July to 25th August at St Peters. Job Description and Application Form http://www.stpeters.school.nz/school/information/Employment.aspx


Student Photo Competition:

Damian updated us on progress with the Student Photographer competition, which is receiving hundreds of entries. Each month has a different theme, May is about Photoshop. Competition link: yours.net.nz/competition/photoshop


Senior Photography Relief Position:

Graeme is looking for a registered visual arts teacher to work with senior photography classes for five weeks, beginning 19th May, at Orewa College. Contact g.irvingoc.school.nz


'Voice of Art - GATS Graffiti against the System':

Mathew shared a link to a 10 minute You Tube documentary about the power of art as a vehicle for social change and provocation (note - there's a bit of colourful language): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6I4i-_9JZ8



Madeline Campbell

Arts Online - Visual Arts Community Facilitator

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