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I can animate

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By Louise Comments (1)

Today I met with our cluster facilitator and the TeKids. We were meeting to upskill the students in preparation for presenting at our next TeKids cluster meeting next week. We were initially planning to use Stop Motion Animation to re-visit the session the TeKids attended last year. However, due to the technicial difficulties in downloading this off the Internet and the cost involved, we decided to use 'I Can Animate'. This became a learn as we taught session as neither of us had a great deal of experience using this programme. We began by introducing the programme to the group and then asked them to pair themselves up. Guidelines were set about who they should choose (not just friends but someone who they could either help, work well with or that might be able to support them as needed). We introduced a range of options for animating - plastic animals, coloured counters, and whiteboards. We gave them a set time frame to plan then to create their animation. Total time for planning and animating was only half an hour. We had two groups who used digital cameras to take their animation photos but we soon discovered that there is no import function in I Can Animate so we now know that this is not an option should there be a lack of computers to use. We were hoping to take photos using a camera and then import them for the children to manipulate and create their animations. The other two groups used the in-built camera on the laptops but this also is somewhat difficult as the camera is in a difficult position and the lid of the laptop needs to be lowered to half way towards closing. This makes it difficult for the children to see what they are photographing and to manipulate the objects. We need to investigate how the inbuilt camera can be by-passed so that a digital camera can be used instead. However, the second two groups were able to make a good first animation attempt and one of these can be seen on the TeKids wiki: http://mantartekids.wikispaces.com/SomersetCres


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    I applaud you for sharing your thoughts and reflections with the wider community, Louise. Some great learning here for others in terms of how to foster student leadership. I have shared this post in this week's e-learning digest: /pg/blog/read/87444/elearning-roundup--8-august-2011