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Developing Leadership in staff

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By Gaylene

After setting a goal of developing leadership in different areas for my staff, i am pleased to record the positive impact on 1 staff member when this was discussed.

She is following an area of both interest & need currently in the form of "Autism". During one of our many discussions, I asked if she would be keen to take on a leadership role in the school in this area and provide some support/ learning/PLD for the rest of the staff in this area once she has attended courses and done some research.

Her response was delightful- from eyes lighting up, to a grin from ear to ear, to standing tall with pride, she eagerly accepted. Her 2nd emotion was one of self-doubt (often displayed) but continued discussion clarified this, and her attitude to taking this on has improved immensely. It is now not seen as an extra for no reason (on top of a busy teacher workload) but meaningful. I am so proud of her!