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summary of Balance and Focus


Allison gave us the quote from Waitere (Brown, Clark, gilling & Waitere, 2008) defines bi-culturalism as “an aspirational and a relational space, built on hope, a vision of a particular social, cultural and political arrangement with inter-relationships between peoples, structures, processes and practices” (p.67) which resonates throughout all the posts.


Graham spoke of the operational and social systems within each school.  He went on to explain what they were and emphasised that social is by far the most important and also left to chance.  After reading about the different events happening in Allison’s school it is clear that most schools try their best to cater for the different cultures.   But is there the contact with whanau and communities about their aspirations for the students and are these aspirations given effect to by the school or are they just there as the token gesture.  Is this why Maori and Pasifika student achievement is still a big issue within our education system?


Is there balance and focus between the NZ Curriculum and the aspirations of the whanau and communities around the school?