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Summary of Changing Actions and Beleifs


In summary I think what has been said is your beliefs change your actions while others believe that actions will change beliefs. 


Tamia’s quote “without knowledge people are not able to shape their beliefs” it really got me thinking about what it is that I believe.  At first I thought that I would have to change my beliefs before my actions would change.  After reading this specific quote it made me understand the perspectives of others and how different and diverse all our beliefs are. 

Even though we are basically saying the same thing.  I think what has come out of this discussion is the cyclic way that our beliefs and actions run. Beliefs are shaped right from when we are born and our upbringing, the communities we grew up in, our culture and ethnicity our religion and our socio economic backgrounds.  


At the end of the day there is no right or wrong, we all need to make it about the tamariki we teach.  With experience and new knowledge our existing beliefs will either be confirmed and our actions stay the same or our beliefs will shift and thus make a shift in actions.