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I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Ko te reo te manawa pou o te iwi Māori!

The final countdown has arrived, 4 more sleeps before I head over to Peru to attend WIPCE 2011!  

I am of course, really excited and keen to get there, however with a busy week ahead and the thought of being away from my husband and 2 daughters for such a long time, I have to say it is causing a little bit of anxiety!  So to alleviate the nerves, I have taken the time to explore the WIPCE website again to re-establish the sense of adventure and fun.  http://wipce2011.net/


In looking at the programme I can't help but think how spoilt for choice we are in the variety and the substance of what breakouts are available to attend. So much, so little time! I have no idea how I will choose but that is a credit to the kaupapa, the wealth of expertise in terms of presenters and also to the hard work being done globally to preserve our native languages.


Something else that struck me was the amount of New Zealand presentations available. I am eager to see what is happening in my own backyard and how I can develop some links to other facilitators or programmes that can support our mahi, Te Manawa Pou. I also look forward to comparing where New Zealand is in terms of the revitilising and embracing our native language, in comparison to other native languages around the world. I have no doubt there will be lessons, both good and bad, to be learnt from the journey of others.

WIPCE programme


Other than that, our WIPCE Aotearoa delegates uniforms have arrived, so I am beginning to think about packing! Last job is to head out to the shops for insect repellant and a power adapter! To those of you in Group 3 of the NZ delagates, I will see you at Auckland airport on Friday. To all of my soon to be WIPCE friends, I will see you in Cusco very soon! And to the rest, next blog post will be reflecting on day 1 of WIPCE!


Mauri ora ki a koutou, e hoa ma!