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Visual Arts Summary 7th - 13th April 2014

The week saw some inspired and brave sharing of resources and ideas by Tim and Harriet particularly. This also presented the challenge for me of balancing the list as a place of encouragement and support for colleagues (something I think we do really well as visual arts teachers in this community), and keeping posts relevant for all. So just a reminder that if you have a few words of support and encouragement, send them directly to the person, if you elaborate further and your thoughts are more broadly relevant, I'll send them through for us all on the list. Roll on the holidays...
  • Tim Thatcher shared the website he's been developing using Google Sites"This site is for art and technology teachers who are interested in adapting digital technologies to enhance student learning. Browse... to get inspiration and find useful resources about using digital technologies in the visual arts". His website is excellent, and he's keen to make connections with other art teachers who might be interested in sharing their practices using digital technologies in the art room, vis his website. I've added his link on our Visual Arts Community VLN page too - Teachers Websites - for easy finding. Nikki, Donna, Martin, Yon and others offered Tim encouraging words.

Spray Paint Fan Extractors

Teacher Appraisal

  • Ken asked for thoughts about gathering evidence for the registered teacher criteria.
  • Mathew mentioned the Junior Assessment Framework developed at his school (underpinned by SOLO) and that he and colleagues are presently addressing the question of data collection. 
  • Rob's school is using 'Appraisal Connector' this year (as is my school!). He also uses Evernote and One Note to gather evidence, and if I recall correctly from a list discussion earlier last year, Rob sets up individual students 'portfolio' folders to collect individual student evidence to manage things as well, in Evernote. 
  • Tim mentioned that his school had tried out but moved on from Myportfolio, and are now trying out Google Sites or Google Docs to set up digital portfolios. He shared his portfolio. 
  • Rene emphasised that visual arts students work is a great response to the teacher criteria in terms of evidence of our teaching practice.
  • Harriet, a first year visual arts teacher (PRT1) shared a link to her digital portfolio. Harriet (and Jonathan), make sure you include links to this discussion in your portfolio as evidence of your engagement with and contribution to an online professional learning community! Jon and Christopher passed on encouragement, as did Jonathan, another PRT1.

Arts Week

Drawing Tablets
  • Lee asked about feedback on drawing tablets, Intuos Pro Drawing Tablets. Sally shared her practical experience with using them.

Portrait Painters
  • Chaz asked about portrait painters after a request from his school BOT who want a painted portrait of a leaving principal. This stimulated plenty of suggestions and thoughts. Marianne MuggeridgeEvan Woodruffe, Richard McWhannell, Matt Elwood, Mark Rutledge, David Van Diepen, Stephen Marty Welch, Sally Hope, current art students, art teachers - Simon Raine, appraoching the NZ Portrait Gallery in Wellington, and even Rolfe Harris (!!??!). I think Chaz has plenty to work with now.

  • Earlybird registration is before May 16th, with lots of registrations rolling in presently.
  • Abstract for presentations closed this week on the 15th.


  • I trust the Printmaking workshop went well last weekend, and that the Top Art event at Elam was well attended on Monday? 
Semi Permanent

Education events for students at Te Papa

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