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Visual Arts Summary 31st March - 6th April 2014

Only a few weeks to go, though I note my end of term teacher cold is arriving this evening, maybe protesting the length of the term! The arts online lists were a little glitchy over the weekend, apologies to those who posted late last week or in the weekend, your posts arrived this morning:
Grace inquired about alternative senior courses outside the traditional fields. Susie extended an invitation for a visit to see how she structures visual arts courses at Southern Cross in South Auckland.
Donna reminded us about nominations for the ANZAAE Award for Outstanding Contribution. Thanks to conversations clarifying how to go about this from RobynSusie, and Donna. To clarify:
Rob shared two blogs that inspired him, and pointed out the change that digital/online sharing is gradually bringing to the way employment happens, going beyond traditional CVs. Teachers are using blogs as an integral part of reflective practice portfolios. The blog links:

Echo Janman, Public Programmes Manager, Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland, extended an invitation to a Secondary School Fine and Visual Art Teacher Evening at Elam School of Fine Arts (combined with the Top Art Exhibition). Contacte.janmanauckland.ac.nz for more details.

Laura promoted a free Printmaking workshop for ASATA members on this Thursday 12th April. Copper sulphate etching on aluminium... contact L.sunderlanddilworth.school.nz http://www.nontoxicprint.com/etchzincsteelaluminum.htm A second workshop is being help Saturday 10th May with Dagmar Dyck and Alexis Neal.

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