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Visual Arts Summary 24th - 30th March 2014

Activity picked up again on visartsnet last week. It was great to read over Rob Ferguson's blog. It made me think that it would be great to add visual arts teacher's blog links to our VLN Visual Arts Community so they're all in one place to browse for inspiration... so, if you write a blog and would like to share, please let us/me know the link. I trust you are okay with being our first Rob?!
Do you have a good 'work story' to share? If you'd like to contribute a story about your visual arts teaching practice in an upcoming Arts Online newsletter, I'd like to hear from you. 

New Resources
Uploaded to our VLN Visual Arts Community shared files, for your use:
  • Maryann asked about the Cultural Conventions standards, and feedback on a couple of ideas: Level 1- photography conventions related to calendar design - designing a calendar promoting the local area; and Level 2- conventions related to vinyl decals on cars.
  • Phillipa asked for any ideas related to Montage photography as a context for for 1.5.
  • Sally asked for a 2.5 assessment focusing on bone carving or whakairo.
  • Rob shared his fantastic blog with us, after the link to Hamish Chalmers (DP Albany Senior High) blog was shared. Both focus on aspect of learning with digital technologies.
  • Ashra was interested in innovative school websites. Mallory shared Burnside's websiteLisa shared St Peter's College website.
  • Lisa shared a link to Fat Freddy's Drop video 'Blackbird', as an example of animation and illustration useful for students.
  • Christopher asked how PAT results are being used to inform art teaching. Sally and Shana shared interesting and detailed replies, which included discussion about literacy in visual arts.
  • Sudhir asked about character design, and asked probing questions about how to investigate character design successfully in a level 3 design folio.  
Shoe Themed Photography Models
Abigail was after an assessment schedule for Photo 2.2, and asked about artist models to support the theme of 'shoes':
  • Tom suggested: Scott Schuman, Norma Desmond and Olivia Parker
  • Lara mentioned: Lorna Simpson
  • Annie suggested extending to lower body, feet, animal and human legs and feet
  • Sally thought that if you were using it for pictorial conventions you could look at someone like Irving Penn or Jerry Takigawa for stacking and gridding as an extension of repetition/pattern/line/scale..... also Lisa Millroy is a painter who does shoes.... in a similar style to Wayne Thiebaud... aerial views, 'shop window display' type compositions...
  • Maryann suggested: Reuben Paterson glittery shoes, and Andy Warhol has some wonderful shoe images.
  • Sarah: Peter Peryer, Deborah Smith (I'm thinking untitled 17.3.2001) of a woman in high heels with straps, with plasters on her heels. She deals with identity of women. Peter Peryer (boot, 2003) both in "contemporary new zealand photographers", mountain veiw publishing, 2005, Petter Madden (installations, has used shoes), Sylvia Siddell (artist, who deals with the horror of domestic life, not shoes) could inform ideas on surreal shoes taking on a life of their own).
Professional Learning
Conference News
Employment Opportunities
  • Janneke let us know that her position at Northland College will be advertised in the Gazette very soon.
  • Verity let us know about a part-time art teaching position at Freyberg High School
  • Phil has an art relief teaching position for one month at Papatoetoe High School
  • Pacific Arts Diary events  are available at this link (though it seems the archive didn't like the newsletter layout!)
  • Thanks to those that responded to the Arts Online Survey recently.
Have a great week,
Madeline Campbell
Arts Online - Visual Arts Community Facilitator
Post to: visartsnet@lists.tki.org.nz
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