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e-Learning Round-Up | 26 March 2014

Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, and welcome to the lastest e-Learning panui, summarising a round-up of all things e-learning, from across the VLN and Enabling e-Learning groups. 

For all other up-coming e-learning events for Term 1, check out the Enabling e-Learning calendar of events

Look forward to seeing you online - hei konā mai,

KarenTessa & Catriona |  Enabling e-Learning Online Team


Badge for e-Member of the Week

Each fortnight, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups.

This week we’d like to acknowledge Heather Harper (e-learning teacher from Maeroa Intermediate School in Hamilton), for her ability to recognise the experts among us - by asking some practical, technical questions around HD cameras, movie making and copyright free digital music. We look forward to hearing more queries and equally some responses to these and other questions.



Teaching logo Learning and Teaching  |  Digital Citizenship


FORUM: Whakawhanaungatanga - Getting to know our learners, March 11th - April 11th

This forum has been started to encourage dialogue around pedagogical and practical ideas for getting to know your learners better. It includes discussion around whānau engagement, learner needs and culturally responsive practice - all with an e-learning and UDL lens. We'd love to get to know how you have come to know your students. Please post your experiences in Enabling e-Learning | Teaching group. 

Girl on smart phone

  • Tela leased MAC Laptops: Paula Jamieson shares some more hardware updates in realtion to the TELA scheme for teachers. What works best for your teachers? 
  • Digital Clean Up: Roimata Baker has started a practical discussion about ways students can maange their digital content online. What works best in your school?
  • Personalising learning! Vanitha Govini is exploring 6 key themes featured in future-oriented research and asks, what does personalising learning in Mathematics look like at your school? 


Using digital technologies with Māori and Pasifika learners, and students with special educational needs 


  • A snapshot of the UDL Guidelines: Roxy Hickman shares a video from English Online and clarifies links to some of the nine UDL guidelines in this learning example. 
  • Raising achievement for Maori boys: Taniwha is looking at ways to raise achievement in writing for Maori boys, and asks for ideas on ways to use e-learning to build learning capacity and confidence for these learners.

imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching >>> the Enabling e-Learning website.



Professional Learning yellow logo Professional Learning

Josie Woon screenshot  Josie Woon and the VLN/Enabling e-Learning communities: April 9th, 3.45 - 4.45pm


Last year we brought you Josie Woon's story: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story. This year we focus on more developments with Josie (including an up-coming article in Interface magazine) - with a particular focus on how the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups have helped her integrate e-learning into her teaching/learning practice.

This is an informal opportunity to meet and chat with Josie in person (virtually) to discuss how this community has provided alternative forms of virtual professional learning. REGISTER NOW!

  • The impact of e-learning - prove it! Justine Hughes adds to this discussion around the validity of taking about ‘learning’ – rather than the ‘technologies’ and uses the example that students know about the tools, but not always aware of how these can be used effectively to impact on learning.

TKI logoCheck out e-Learning & Professional Learning >>> Enabling e-Learning website.



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  • MLE- Do these actually raise student achievement? Here’s an open debate around the pros and cons of Modern Learning Environments – whether or not they can raise achievement or improve learning outcomes for students. What do you think? Have your say!image
  • CORE Education MLE Planning Matrix: Mark Osborne has shared a link to an MLE Planning Matrix that helps NZ educators during the discussion, scoping and design/redesigning phases of Modern Learning Environments.

Requests for school visits. Can you help?

  • Visiting schools in Auckland: Sam Hamilton is looking for some schools to visit in Auckland that can share their practices around modern learning spaces for the students.


  • MLE, Team Teaching / e-Learning: Tracy shares share how a cluster group of Principals (8) are keen to visit some Auckland schools that have a focus on team teaching in MLE's.


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  • uSpace: Amy McCauley has opened a discussion around ePortfolios, possibly considering uSpace (Ultranet). Amy asks, what have people's experiences of this been? What does your school use for their e-Portfolios?
  • Flip Cameras / Moviemaker: Heather Harper is looking for some advice on cheap HD camera to buy /use for making videos and importing into Movie as well as some Free music. Can you help?

Mobile technologies


Lots of community engagement around:

Bring your own devices (BYOD)


  • eLearning class – tracking: Fiona Robertson shares a post that highlights a research report around the effects of blogging on students’ writing, some of which may/may not surprise you.


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CalendarFor your calendar...

EEL logo Enabling e-Learning events


  • Enabling e-Learning webinars: Find the recordings here for 2011/2012/2013 sessions you may have missed, including using digital resources, digital learning spaces, BYOD, iPads in junor classes, registered teacher criteria, appraisal and e-learning, gaming and many more!

New Zealand mape-Learning events around NZ


  • ULearn14: 8-10 October, Rotorua. Registrations now open for the ultimate modern learning & teaching conference.


Images courtesy of Creative Commons and Enabling e-Learning.