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Visartsnet Summary: 3rd to 9th March 2014

Apologies for the slight delay with this summary, lots discussed last week, from the merits of dragons and hybrid animals, to the details of clarification documents and explanatory notes. I trust that last weeks 'Artist Trading Cards' idea is beginning to take shape and become a reality.
Kristie is interested in ideas and approaches as she sets up a group to promote visual arts at her school. ReneBritt and Jonathan shared ideas. 
Mike asked for help with a student obsessed with dragons, and received an excellent response. Thanks to Susie, Michelle, Sally, Andre, Tim, Panapa, Lara, Mark, Meredith and Tracy for your ideas:

A reminder about Jeanette's workshop, Saturday 12th April, Horowhenua College, Levin.

Kate requested ideas about different models and approaches to timetable structures
Laurin shared her experience in a Montessori environment
Paula experiences a variety of period lengths in her school's timetable
Mike shared his thoughts on double periods
Susie shared the timetable structure at her school and its impact on art subjects
Chas asked for contemporary artist models to help a student with a photo-realist style and an interest in combining animals etc. FaithNickyEmilyRhea,JaniaAmyTaniaVanessaSusieTracyFionaBrittMikeMelissaPhilippaRobyn and Carolyn contributed plenty of ideas: 
Meredith requested clarification for the number of artists models required for 3.1, Suzy shared the link for 'Clarification of Standards', and Tania shared the link for 'Level 3 Assessment Guidelines', Pip asked about clarification of the new standards rather than the old, 
Tim asked if anyone was using Google Sites for their art department.
Susie was interested in feedback on a design folio using a hand-drawn approach, and thoughts from anyone who has had students submit wok in Te Reo.
Lars is looking to set up a combined Design and Photography course at level 1, with digital submission, and would appreciate ideas and advice.
  • Suzie suggested contacted martin at Pukekohe High
  • Tim shared his approach, and links to examples of work from his students
  • Sally shared her approach and a few words of caution
  • Cherie shared her approach and the response from students
  • Megan shared her course combining photography, design and moving image
  • Mark outlined his course in detail
Diane brought our attention to this upcoming meeting - March 19th at EIT, 4.15pm
The registration portal on the website is now open
Grant reminded us of these courses coming up - www.visualstrategies.co.nz
Jessica raised a pertinent point about a contradiction between the standard and the clarifications document and the number of artists. JonRowena, and Alix shared how they designed their courses to support student engagement with research.
An answer to Jessica's question:
  • Either three or four artists is correct depending on achievement goals. Three artists are sufficent to fulfil the requirements of the standard as defined by explanatory note 2. Four artists are recomended but not required.  A wider study will enhance students' opportunity to demonstrate the depth of analysis needed for higher levels of achievement and provide a broader foundation for the subsequent practical standards.    
Phew! Done. 
Madeline Campbell
Arts Online - Visual Arts Community Coordinator
Post to: visartsnet@lists.tki.org.nz
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