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Visartsnet Summary: 24th February to 2nd March 2014

Kia ora everyone, I best get this summary sorted and shared before a 'vomit-worthy' dragon eats it... (more on that in next weeks summary...)
Linda asked about laser printers, with her school printer/copier contract up for tender. DaniellaLara, Rob, and Ros shared their experiences and which copiers/printers worked best for them. There is some very specific and detailed explanations in the responses, very useful stuff.
Abi asked for ideas about how to tackle a 'colour' theme with a student.
  • Bree suggested Yves Klein and Simon Patterson
  • Tania suggested Mick Stephenson, Alberto Seveso, Kelcy Taratoa, and Sheyne Tuffery's 'Neopia'
  • Pip suggested James Welling, Barbara Kruger, Franco Donaggio, Sandy Skoglund, Christopher Bucklow, and John Baldessari 
  • Anna mentioned Helga Steppan and Henry Hargreaves
  • Susie suggested Tony Cragg and the 'Red, White, Blue' movies

Maryanne shared a PDF of an assignment she has been working on, seeking thoughts and ideas, and suggestions for photography models dealing with cars.
Ben has had a rather inspired idea related to sharing 'artist trading cards', and received a great response. You may like to contact him at Motueka High School if you'd like to be involved. He is looking to establish a network of schools across New Zealand and an 'end of term' swapping situation, focused on work with junior students.
Some of the key-note speakers were announced - Professor Welby Ings, Dr Rita Irwin, and  Ngahiraka Mason. Secondary, intermediate and primary teachers are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentations at the conference. A print exchange will be part of this years ANZAA Conference, follow the link for details about edition size and print size, and how this will work.
  • Tape Art is an inspiring street art video shared by Rob.
  • Sudhir Duppati shared a link to recent installation work.
  • Art Education 2.0 is an online community of practice, that includes 'interest' sub groups, mainly American, but targeting art educators internationally, that is full of interesting resources, images and movies relating to art teaching.
Madeline Campbell
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