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Visartsnet Summary: 17th to 23rd February 2014

Thank you for all of your contributions this past week - its been a mix of professional learning information, pedagogy, and field specific support - mainly sculpture. After a few technical issues, the archives and subscription for visartsnet pages are working well again. Please encouraged teachers new to the visual arts to join us.
Professional Learning Opportunities
Follow these links to the archives, and click on attachements at the end of the posts as needed:
Teaching as Inquiry
Martin asked for thoughts on 'teaching as inquiry', which lead to some excellent posts shared about some emerging practices in schools. This also highlighted the difference between 'teaching as inquiry for teachers' and 'learning inquiry for students', with very clear and interesting examples of both:
Teacher Inquiry:
Learning Inquiry:
Maryann is looking for ideas for a Level 2 painting student interested in tattoo design, and ideas for senior courses using comic/pop/graffiti ideas
Lisa shared a link to an interesting example of the logo development process, useful for students.

Philippa is looking for sculpture artist models who deal with transformation, related to natural materials like water/ice. Thanks to VanessaAddisonEsther,JennieTaniaJohn, BreeAmie for their ideas:  
  • Rachel Whiteread (activate negative space)
  • Andy Goldsworthy (environmentalist artist uses water, ice, flowers, bark, dependant on the season)
  • Gabby O'Connor installation at the Wellington City Gallery - What lies Beneath 2011
  • Gregor Kregar
  • Francis Alys - Sometimes making something leads to nothing
  • Kristy Kirkpatrick (nee Wilson) at Papatoetoe High School did time-based works where she melted wax when she was at Elam
  • Mineko Grimmer Untitled 1994/ 2005 installation of ice quartz wood, bamboo, piano wire brass Auckland city art gallery
  • Harebin Ice festival China
  • Zainab Hikmet
  • Barbara Hepworth activate negative space
  • Gabriel Orozco has a great book
  • Mark Quinn
  • Irving Penn did a series of Photographs with freezing food into blocks of ice and then photographing them as little still life arrangements


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Have a fantastic week,
Madeline Campbell
Arts Online - Visual Arts Community Facilitator
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