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Visartsnet Summary: 10th to 16th February 2014

Lots of variety this week, so straight into the summary:


Card Readers

Carol started us off this week asking for recommendations for card readers for photography.

  • Fiona recommended the Lexar Professional USB 3.0 card reader. Carol also asked about cyanotype process.


Adobe Upgrade

Jenneke is looking for the best way to go about upgrading Adobe products.



Diana is interested in how to go about running a year long programme with whakairo as the focus, at NCEA level 2.

  • Kate suggested an NCEA resource called Te Waharoa, and thought that contacting Gisborne Boys High School and Wairoa College, who she thought both ran whakairo programmes, would be useful.
  • Te Rahui shared that their students will be doing whakairo at level 3, for 3.5, and that they are building a whakairo programme for Year 10s to progress through to level 1 using the Nga Toi standards. A tohunga whakairo will be coming in to join their teaching team.
  • Tania suggested level 2 painting, having the student start with 2.5 to carve the whakairo, then draw from the carving for 2.2 and 2.4. Photograph the carving for the folio board (mid/bottom board one).
  • Grace is looking at doing ‘Te Ara Tauira Whakairo’ on NZQA, a unit standard course covering levels 1, 2, and 3. They are applying for STAR funding to bring a whakairo specialist to run an 8 day course over 8 weeks, which can also tie into their schools Trades Academy programme.


Mirror Stands

Tracy asked about a cheap source of picture stands for mirrors, for self-portraits.

  • Jenny suggested pizza boxes
  • Suzie suggested cheap, small, replica easels from Spotlight


Level 3 Photo

Jacqui shared a photo folio board that she’d appreciate feedback on. I’m sure she’d appreciate any further ideas you may have this coming week, others have also expressed a desire to better understand the not achieved - achieved boundary.


YOURS.net.nz Photography Competition

Damian promoted the YOURS Student Photo Competition 2014. See http://yours.net.nz/competition/2014month1


CATA General Meeting

Hagley High School Art Department this coming Wednesday 19th February, 7pm – everyone, old and new most welcome. Drinks and nibbles provided, and discussion will be about 2014 projects and events, beginning with the official launch of CATA’s big term 1 printmaking project. CATA contacts are Kate, Rachel, and Lisa: ponweiserlmthutt.school.nz


Maori Arts Coordinator Position – Waikato Region

This was shared by Jeanette, the link is: http://www.thebigidea.co.nz/work/jobs-opportunities/arts-management/138391-kaiwhakahaere-i-nga-mahi-toi 


NCEA Level 1 Visual Arts Standards Version Updated

Sam dropped in to mention version updates at level 1 NCEA, and that the standards now only appear to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with no formal process for review anymore.


  • Di explained that recent changes mainly related to the addition of links to Te Marautanga in the explanatory notes. She recommended Geoff Gibbs at the Ministry of Education, mentioned also by Sam, at the person to contact if you believe a review of level one standards is needed. Subject association contact might be the best way to facilitate this. The 2013 NCEA Booklet is still available through the Kohia Teachers Centre.
  • Tessa noticed that TKI internal exemplars no longer match the updated versions of internal standards at level one, which she found confusing. As did I! I think is may be a case of updating of exemplars being slow… the change in versions relates to an addition to the explanatory notes, not to the actual title, criteria, or definitions of the standard. Exemplars have their own version numbers separate from the standards… I’d suggest reading over exemplars carefully alongside the updated versions of standards, and as usual, adjust exemplars to suit your learning and teaching contexts.
  • Di also mentioned that the ‘Arts Term 1 Newsletter’ will be out shortly, with key events and dates for 2014.


‘Visual Arts NZQA’ on Facebook

In relation to this discussion, I mentioned the ‘Visual Arts NZQA’ Facebook page, where all updates related to internal assessment are posted. One thing to note though is that changes made by NZQA are noted here only, not updates from the Ministry. ‘Like’ the page to receive updates – its great to see the ‘likes’ have increased by almost 20 over this week, if you have Facebook, make sure you ‘like’ ‘Visual Arts NZQA’, then you don’t have to go hunting for information anymore, it’ll arrive in a timely manner to you!


Art Room Refurbishment

Nelda is having an art room refurbishment, and is keen to visit art rooms in the Waikato area that have recently been refurbished to get ideas.


Harbourview Sculpture Trail http://www.harbourviewsculpture.com/

Simon promoted the  Harbourview Sculpture Trail on the Te Atatu Peninsula from 8th May, includes school visits with an education liaison person.


InspiredbyU Promotion

A place to share stories about the person who had the biggest impact on your life, as part of the Festival of Education (beginning March 21st in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch).


Have a great week everyone,


Madeline Campbell

Arts Online - Visual Arts Community Facilitator

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