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And We're Off!

Starting a group for teachers interested in improving their elearning pedagogy is something I've been thinking about for a long time.

Rotorua has had a number of ict pd clusters - RELLCO, RCICT, Town and Country and Rotorua Lakes - which have come to an end, it and would seem, so has the momentum. I was involved in three of these clusters and I've found that to further my pedagogy, I've had to connect online with others away from Rotorua.

Time to connect US!

Last year, the Central North BeL facilitators hosted a meeting where a number of colleagues from the area talked about this need to connect. One teacher I worked with at another school here said, "Annemarie, do something!"  I've never been someone who sits back and waits for others to take a lead.  Marnel van der Spuy, who I had originally connected with online, has been my accomplice and travel buddy to Hamilton, in the search for PD. We sat down together, came up with a survey which we sent out to schools, then spent Waitangi day planning our first meeting on Friday 14 February at 4.30pm. We didn't want to take a Saturday as we didn't want to encroach on weekends at this point. Finding a day of the week when folk were free of staff meetings was also difficult. We settled for Friday afternoons, and because we wanted to accommodate peole out of town, we decided on 4.30pm.

The first meeting was successful with about fifteen bodies, in spite of it being Valentine's day!  We used the time to plan what people wanted.

Our meetings will be on Fridays at 4.30pm in week 2 and week 7 of each term.  We'll set a topic so that people can pick and choose.  Sometimes there will be an expert speaker; there will be time for informal sharing and a smackdown of ideas. 

The second meeting is coming up - Friday 21 March at 4.30pm - and the focus is Google!  There will be a shared doc to add your ideas to as it would be great to hear a number of voices. See you there.

(For those like me who can't get enough learning, Taupo Connected Teachers are also holding meetings.  The first was this last Saturday 1 March.  See me if you want to carpool for the next one.)