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Assisting students who are new learners of English- most FAQ by primary school teachers.(18 Feb Weekly Update)

Hi Everyone 

This is a quick review of last week’s discussions plus some interesting blogs and links in order to keep everyone better informed. 

Our Primary ESOL Community 

1.       10 Tips for 10 Teaching ELLs in Mainstream classroom post. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this.  

2.       Hilary Smith suggested we add an 11th tip

 -          Encourage the student’s first language, with a focus on developing or maintaining their bilingualism/biliteracy an 11th tip or to link support for the students’ L1s to the other tip about strong home-school partnerships. This way it may be possible to achieve some of the benefits shown in the study below.

·         Taylor and Coetzee’s study (2013, Estimating the impact of language of instruction in South African primary schools: A fixed effects approach , Stellenbosch Working Paper Series No. WP21/2013.

·         Promoting Learning Through Mother Tongue in the Mainstream Classroom, by Brenda Stebbing, Val Bliss & Therese Tishakov. It suggests several strategies to support first language at the primary and secondary school levels.  http://www.isgr.se/nn13/pdf/PromotingMT.pdf.

 3.       Assisting students who are new learners of English- most FAQ by primary school teachers... by Dr Jannie van Hees. This was first published in Many Voices, in 1996. It is still very relevant and packed full of useful information. It would make a great reading to give to teachers who ask this question.  

 4.       Mrs Rebecca Dickinson at GEMS Royal Dubai School would like to work on global connectivity and was wondering if any of you would like to set a Skype with their ELLs. For more information see her post athttp://lists.tki.org.nz/wws/arc/primaryesol/2014-02/msg00021.html  

5.       In the latest Pasifika Update Michelle challenged us to find space in our classrooms to share some of your stories. Also to hear the stories of your students and to allow those stories to have a place and to be valued. How would you encourage your students to change their world? 

A summary of some of the great Blog posts and links I have shared on twitter

If you like this section of the update I suggest that you start following ESOL online on twitter for more great ideas and links.  

v  The Bilingual Brain Is Sharper and More Focused, Study Says, Wall Street Journal health Blog written by Robert Lee Hotz.

v  Six Scaffolding Strategies to Use with Your Students, Edutopia 

v  I need to teach vocab but I don’t even know how to begin! This post’s for you, Teach them English blog.

v  Can you tell me the way to... ?  Your English fairy Blog, has some great resources on giving directions.

v  Top 10 Tools for Creating Teaching Materials  by Emma Segev  on Talk 2Me English posted Monday, 27 January 2014

v  As they did last year, Cambridge Journals are offering limited access to the top 10 most requested articles in 2013 from the Language Teaching Journal. Access is only until the end of February – so get downloading!

Articles include:

Have fun!


Other Communities

Secondary ESOL

v  21 Digital Tools to build vocabulary on Kimberley Tyson’s Blog


Now a couple of housekeeping points!

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 A second issue is that an increasing number of people are emailing me directly rather than via the ESOL Online community. Now whilst I am always happy to hear from people, your questions are a valuable opportunity for the whole community to enter the discussion. You can be sure that if you have a question, lots of other people will be pondering the same thing!

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I look forward to your questions, ideas and opinions

Janet McQueen