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Maintaining First language Literacy and interesting and great resources and links for teachers of ELLs

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By Janet McQueen

Hi Everyone

 As a result of your feedback I have edited my popular post on “10 Tips for Teaching English language learners in Mainstream Classrooms” and turned it into 11 tips.  It now includes a stronger focus on supporting a child’s first language.  You can access the blog here /blog/view/853825/11tips-for-teaching-english-language-learners-in-mainstream-classrooms 

Maintaining  First Language Literacy

New Zealand is home to a very diverse society and linguistic environment, and this diversity is only expected to increase in the future so I find it interesting that:

·         there is no official policy on ethnic community languages,

·         no framework for their maintenance and development

 The Human Rights Commission Feb 2014 newsletter Te Waka Reo, National Language Policy, reports that  “Multicultural New Zealand, the Federation of Multicultural Councils, is calling for the Office of Ethnic Affairs to lead the development of a community languages framework. …. recognising the social, economic and cultural benefits of supporting the learning and retention of ethnic community languages in New Zealand. In the longer term, to develop and implement a national languages policy which brings together language support policies and programmes across all communities and sectors.” You can read more about this in their newsletter.  


What strategies can a classroom teacher use to help a learner use their first language and grow their first language literacy skills? 

Scribjab lets students write, draw and record bilingual online stories and books. In addition, teachers can create virtual classrooms. I am excited about the possibilities this app provides for teachers using it in their classroom.

 Our Primary ESOL Community

·         The Primary Special Interest Group of TESOLANZ is preparing a five-minute great idea talk for CLESOL 2014. The presentation is about reporting to parents of our ESOL children and what great ideas teachers have for reporting. To assist with this presentation they would love you to respond to this Survey Monkey questionnaire or  imagehttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BZKCCXJ

·         Can you help? Someone is looking for a reading on extended talk . In response Jannie van Hees shared an excerpt from her thesis  “Oral _expression_ of five and six year olds in low socio-economic schools”.

imageThe latest English, Literacy and ESOL community newsletter is now out. This is a great way to stay connected with all the main topics of discussions across all the communities. If you haven't already done so you can subscribe to the newsletter here imagehttp://esolonline.tki.org.nz/ESOL-Online/Community-newsletters 

Other Communities

Secondary Literacy Alana posed some interesting and very challenging questions.

Great Links, Blogs, Webinars and Resources from around the Internet

 I am always amazed at the wealth of information found on the internet.  I scan multiple sources to collate the most useful links from a teacher of ELLs ' perspective Please take the time to explore the ones you find most interesting. I have shared further places in my daily tweets.

Thank you for reading to the end, I hope you have found something useful to explore today. Please share your thoughts, ideas and questions with us all. Just post your email to primaryesollists.tki.org.nz and remember to write an appropriate SUBJECT line. 


Kind regards

Janet McQueen