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A Quick Review

A Quick Review

• While the VLN community groups hit over 10,000 members, Enabling e-Learning boasts over 3,812 members across the seven community groups. A great way to celebrate a second birthday.

• We acknowledge multiple page views and interaction from within New Zealand (and beyond).

• Last year, we strategized on ways to support community professionals - through a mixture of forums, discussions (kōrero) and webinars, as part of the Enabling e-Learning calendar of events.

• We published over 676 posts which prompted over 2,753 responses.

• We hosted over 34 free webinars with over 330 attendees to date. We have made the webinars accessible to all as recordings, along with supplementary resources in accompanying threads.

• We saw more members share their expertise as online mentors, and we recognise and honor 95 ‘Members of the Week’ and 46 'Guest Presenters' to date.

• We've summarized the e-learning activity for you via the fortnightly e-Learning round-ups (pānui). Feedback shows these blog posts have been a hit.

• We celebrated the first ever event, dedicated LIVE event, allowing community members to share their own e-learning stories in the Enabling e-Learning unconference.

• We watched in excitement as more community members took ownership of creating co-constructed resources together. In 2014, we honour these collaborative projects in a designated space in Enabling e-Learning.

• We created an additional group with a focus on, Using the e-Learning Planning Framework. This year we will continue to source examples of how schools are using this tool for self-review and long-term strategic planning in threads and live events. 

• We’ve worked alongside some important community partners, including the Ministry of Education, Network for Learning, NetSafe, Creative Commons NZ, LEARNZ, NAPP, TKI and NZC Online - to keep abreast of current trends across New Zealand.

• We've made personal connections via emails and message boards. You saw us in community blogs, social media spaces, and you became one of our 1,888 followers in Twitter, and added to the 195 likes on Facebook.

Time for feedback

The Purpose


Enabling e-Learning community's mission is to provide a hub for New Zealand teachers to kōrero with other educators, about how e-learning is helping to raise achievement for all our tamariki.

We strive to encourage and initiate activities/events where community members feel safe to interact about relevant topics and sustain discussions to help resolve problems, that are related to the effective integration of e-learning.

We want you to make this online space your own and from the statistics above. You want this too.

We intend to offer more of these opportunities throughout 2014. Look out for us, as we shoulder-tap and encourage you as tumuaki and kaiako - to engage about effective e-learning pedagogy and practice.

From the Enabling e-Learning team, we’d like to thank you for helping us make this purpose a reality. All of this has been possible, because of your dedication and participation in the Enabling e-Learning community groups.

Hei konā mai,

KarenTessa & Catriona |  Blended e-Learning Online Team