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mLearning Capability Pilot Project

This was originally posted by Fiona 11 December 2011. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning.

Nathan Kerr and Robert Douglas, teachers at Howick College, participated in the mLearning Capability Pilot Project in 2010. The project explored the impact of mobile technologies on teaching and learning.

The project report also addressed emerging findings in relation to the use of mobile technologies in schools including:
• Infrastructure
• Students’ and teachers’ perceptions of using mLearning devices
• The role of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK)
• Characteristics of teachers likely to engage in such innovations
• Characteristics of other key personnel
• Leadership

Access the full report:
mLearning Capability Pilot Project at Howick College (pdf, 635kb): Research report for the Ministry of Education. University of Waikato (Wright, N. November, 2010).

Describes how student owned mobile devices have been used to enhance the relevance of new learning and enable students to take greater ownership of the learning process. 

mLearning Etiquette