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Recording and editing on the fly

This was contributed by Gina Cathro, CORE Education and posted by Simon Evans on 10 June 2011. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning.

Have you ever wanted to capture a conversation between people scattered about the country or the globe and then edit it to use again and again?

For example, a debate between scientists from separate organizations, a group of authors who could stir up students’ reading and writing, or groups of students from other earthquake-affected schools round the world… If this is something you or your students would like to do, I have found one way of doing it that is a lot of fun.

I was recently asked to facilitate a symposium between four New Zealand writers who live from Auckland to the deep South and there was no budget for travel! After much research, which mainly involved bothering my colleagues Matt, Glen and Jedd, I did the following:

  1. Purchased Call Recorder for Skype which I thought was brilliant!. This allowed me to have a five way recorded conversation and the resulting file was able to be neatly downloaded onto my desktop in .mov format.
  2. I dragged and dropped the 90 minute file into GarageBand and edited it into ten minute chunks. I was surprised how easy GarageBand is to use. Kids seem to take one look at it and figure out how to use it within minutes. If you don’t have an Apple, there is a free sound editor for both Macs and PCs called Audacity. For online tutorials and a variety of help solutions, visit the following links on the Audacity website:

What possibilities can you see for your class?

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