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Fotopedia - A secondary resource

Pulpit rock

This was originally posted bSimon Evans on 18 Jan 2012. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning.

Fotopedia has a vast array of stunning photography available for view. It is a collaborative photo encyclopedia that hosts high-quality images whose subjects are matched to Wikipedia articles. Fotopedia magazine has a vast array of quality pictures supported by insightful text on various topics and themes. The most recent at time of publishing being on San Francisco Bay.

But topics range widely from “10 things to do in Tokyo” to “The Song of the Passerines”. Members can sign up independently or through a facebook account and have access to the community space, the forums and user guides. Users are able to add photographs or articles they have written, link these to other supportive material on the site and share their knowledge.

With a focus quality articles and a need for exemplary material this community seeks and offers support to creators as they expand the knowledge base in this resource. Topics, photo albums and articles vary so secondary students and teachers could well find material to support their learning or use this platform as a place to showcase that learning.

Members are able to create photo-driven articles which include Wikipedia and Google Maps information. They can add a limited number of photos per day resulting in a high quality selection of photos.

As well as taking part in the encyclopedia, professional and amateur photographers on Fotopedia can create albums to display their works, use Wikipedia articles to add context and to advertise popular albums.

But the real power of Fotopedia lies in their apps. These cover various topics, themes and locations. All easily adaptable for classroom use.

Useful links

Apps Fotopedia Heritage  - Created in cooperation with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Fotopedia Heritage provides a virtual passport to the hundreds of sites that constitute the world’s collective cultural and natural human legacy.

Fotopedia Wild Friends - This app is packed with rare and candid scenes, including of artic foxes, chamois, dolphins, ghost sharks, gray wolves, humpback whales and more…

Other Fotopedia apps - Available apps cover a variety of locations around the globe.


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Fotopedia blog  - for announcements, features and the latest on app development.

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