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e-Learning Round-Up | 11 December 2013

Talofa lava, kia ora, welcome to the last Enabling e-Learning round up for 2013.

As you know, Enabling e-Learning (TKI, VLN) is the Ministry of Education’s online ‘hub’ for ICT-related education resources, programmes and conversations across New Zealand. As we look back over the year, we want to thank all those who participated in Enabling e-Learning community group conversations, forum threads, polls and live webinars. A big huge thank you to our presenters who have generously mentored others during these events. We honour you in the section below.  Online elves

KarenCatriona and myself would like to take this time to wish you all the warmest thoughts for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Look forward to ‘seeing you online’ in 2014.

Ngā mihi nui mō te Kirihimete | Blended e-Learning Online Team

Badge for e-Member of the WeekWe would like to thank the following mentors and presenters for sharing rich and relevant conversations with us online during 2013. This on-going activity has enabled us all to discuss our practice and build e-learning knowledge online. We invite you all to embed a Guest Presenter's badge in your profile pages. 

  •  Josie Woon, Jill Hammonds, Mary-Anne Murphy, Janice Gulbransen, Tui Yeager, Paula Eskett,  Peter Murgatroyd, Steve Mouldey, Tim Gander, Geoff Childs, Anne Kenneally, Fiona Grant, Tania Coutts, Hamish Chalmers, Stephanie Thompson, Rachael Baker, Sonya Van Schaijik, Claire Francis, Gaye Bloomfield, Matthew Thomas, Warren Hall, Innes Kennard, Jo Fothergill, Mark Osbourne, Amanda-Ellesbeth Neemia Anjela Webster, Andrew de Wit as well as a number of shoulder-tapped and invited guest attendees (you know who you are).


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  • What is Digital Literacy in the 21st Century? Here's an invitation to create a shared resource, that aligns e-tools with digital literacies; such as Technological Literacy, Visual Literacy, Information Literacy and Multicultural Literacy. Something to consider for next year?

Focus on our priority learners


  • Let us share what works! Alana Madgwick shares a strategy for targeting literacy achievement for a group of year 11 Pasifika boys. The positive results achieved from this targeted intervention, is staggering. What is your success story this year? Alana invites us to celebrate our achievements as well.
  • Teen Expression: Patrick Pink shares a special collection of videos showcasing aspects of teenagers expressing themselves. You might recognise some of these learners?

imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching>>>  Enabling e-Learning website.


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  • Survey for pedagogical support for MyPortfolioKristina Hoeppner shares an opportunity for pedagogical support sessions in 2014, for MyPorfolio users. She is also asking for you to fill in a short survey indicating where needs and interests lie. Your responses will help to plan for these sessions.

There’s a growing interest across the community groups on how to best use Google Apps for Education. These include threads on;


Mobile technologies


  • Blue/Green screen video: Catriona Pene shares some of the latest updates to Apple’s Keynote and Green screen Pages apps on the iPad – Instant Aplha. This includes green screen techniques, such as removing background details from an image.
  • Apps: Susan Feron shares some apps for making movies on android devices. Have you successfully used any other open-ended, creative apps for androids to share with others?
  • iPads in the Junior Classroom: Jason Ruakere shares some apps that you can customise yourself to use for counting. Have you tried any of these with your students?

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  • Literacy tips and tricks for parentsAnyone interested in parents as first teachers at home, might also be interested in a new thread on, Literacy tips and tricks for parents. Do you have any ideas for parents, so they can support their chidlren to read at home?

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