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Minecraft is go!

We have started a minecraft group this term and now have a server up and running! Our first task is to create a Minecraft map of our school that people can wander around to help orientate new students. We have a blank world and have made a start but how do I save the world and share it? (Seed it?) Any suggestions welcome!

Also has anyone used the Wonderful World of Humanities? Is it worth downloading and exploring?


  • Tracy Tindle

    Ive used the humanities world.  It is incredible and well worth a look. The only down side is that if you do not have the EDU version you cant access the information stored on the signs.  There is a lot of info there about the individual areas which is great, but still worth a look around.  

    Would you post info about setting up a server.  I would be interested in doing that.

  • Mike Shorter

    Hi Tracy,

    I had our tech guy set up part of our school server as a Minecraft Server so that it can be accessed (eventually) out of school. I am not sure of the technical part but he did it pretty quick so can't be to hard. Sorry I can't be more helpful... You could use your teacher computer but it would mean the "world" would only be live when your computer is on.

  • Melanie Riwai-Couch

    Sounds great!  I have just written a programme called Mind Craft to teach learning strategies base don Mine Craft.  If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

  • Mike Shorter

    What sort of Programme Melanie? Is it for maths strategies? Do you have a "world" others could adventure in?

  • steeevoh

    Is anyone able to help with how to set up a minecraft server through school server? Do you need to have mine craft edu licenses?