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Hows it all going?

Having noted a few new developments in the last week or two, being Mokomoko, Tieke and He Wai te Kai, got me thinking about those who attended Ako-e in July, and wondering how your e-learning was going in your akomanga. 

I have been playing Mr Word with my 6 year old moko, its an English language scrabble for the ipad.  He spends hours on it, building words, and gets a real buzz when he scores.  Does anyone know of a Reo Māori version??

Also noticing more reo Māori and kura teachers appearing on Tīhau - tau kē koutou, keep it up.



  • Brenda Critchfield

    Kia ora Deanne,

    I thought I had posted some korero in relation to your patai after our hui in Poneke. ( must be rawa it puta atu) All I can say is that I when I got home I purchased an i papa specially for my class. Well, it was a hit! we had tamariki practicing their manu korero on sock puppets, practicing their letters, meka matua, explain it,  building their own motoka and having fun altering their friends faces! some are too numerous to mention. Students were coming to school early so that they can work on the i papa. Having only one in the class, was okay as they shared and I timed them 10mins each so eveyone got to have a go at it. So when the school eventually buys i pads my students will be way ahead of the eight ball.

    I had fun setting up the tamariki's mahi in "explain it". I take the i papa home and see what the tamariki have had a go at. Oh dear sometimes I wonder why my tamariki get pukuriri at me for spoilting their mahi korero. It was the background noise I made.

    I tried to work on a student profile on Google, without success so need more support with this. I have explained to parents this is going to be the way of the future and that they will be able to access their childrens mahi on line. Unfortunately nearly all our whanau have no access to ipuranga. Storybird was also a success too I must say especially when the students were able to choose their own pictures to go with their stories great site. I havent started facebook yet so will do that eventually.

    Ka nui ra tenei kei haere au ki wiwi ki wawa, heoi ano ka mihi atu ki a koutou kia pai o koutou hararei kirihimete me te tau hou o tauiui. Noho ora mai i runga i nga manaakitanga o ta tatou kaihanga a Io Matua Kore.