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Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau | Tokelau Language Week

Mālo ni and welcome to 

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Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau    Tokelau Language Week

The theme this year is:

  • Ko te au o mātua, ko fānau: At the core of a parent's heart are their children.


Let's start off our short week with some Tokelauan greetings:

  • Fakafeiloaki – Greetings
  • Mālo ni! – Hello
  • Ulu tonu mai – Welcome
  • E fakafeiloaki atu – We greet you
  • Fakafetai – Thank you
  • Tōfā ni – Good bye.

You can test a few words online here

To learn a little more about Tokelau, its atolls, people and culture you can visit their site - http://www.learntokelau.co.nz/ -  follow the week on Facebook.



Pehe (song)

Tokelau Medley, "Ko Tonuia/Kaimoana"


Alagākupu (proverb)


Ko te tama a te manu e fafaga i na ika, 

ka ko te tama a te tagata e fafaga i na kupu.

Birds feed their young with fish, 

Humans feed their young with words. 

Message: Nourish our children with the language.

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