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Scratch Notes Volume 4, Issue 4

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By James Robson



Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor (Beta) Now Available!

Scratch 2.0We are excited to share that a downloadable (beta) version of Scratch 2.0 is available.

Try it out and please share feedback (including bug reports!) in the Scratch orScratchEd discussion forums.


Creative Computing Online Workshop Resources

Creative Computing Online CourseCreative Computing is a free online resource for educators wanting to learn more about creative computing with Scratch.

Explore the workshop activities and resources, which include video tutorials, walkthroughs, readings, and sample projects.


2013-2014 Scratch Educator Meetups

Scratch Educator MeetupsMeet up with us! Our free, monthly Scratch educator meetups take place every first Saturday of the month at MIT.

Join the ScratchEd Team and other local educators to network with colleagues, get new ideas, and learn more about Scratch. Meetups are free, include lunch, and can count towards PDP points.


Scratch Across the Curriculum

Scratch Across the CurriculumCurious about how educators integrate Scratch into other subject areas?

Check out the Scratch Across the Curriculum story series, featuring educators who use Scratch to teach Math, English, Social Science, Art, Music, and other subjects.


Hour of Code

Hour of CodeParticipate in Computer Science Education Week (December 9-15) by organizing an Hour of Code event, part of a worldwide initiative to introduce coding to 10 million kids.

Learn more about the event on the Hour of Code site, which will include an hour-long Scratch experience.


Volume 4, Issue 4