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Modern learning spaces - a crowd sourced, co-constructed presentation to share redesigned classroom ideas…

'Those who want to master the future must create it.'   - Mark Pesce

After this exciting challenging ULearn keynote speaker who identified the power of sharing across our networks. Can we amplify our capability to solve our design problems - yes let’s share great ideas /designs being prototyped in our schools now – please contribute your images into this Google presentation – lets build a bank of exciting modern learning spaces. Collaborative presentation . Of course add any modern learning pedagogy tips too....


  • Senga White

    Great idea!  I shall follow with interest as I am designing a new library learning hub at the moment

  • Melody McC

    I look forward to seeing ideas. We have an MLE and now need to bring the furniture and pedgagogy to fully utilise the space. :) We will share as we get further along on our journey.