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e-Learning Teaching Round Up | 25 September 2013

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For more teaching and learning gems, tips, tricks from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 25th September 2013.


  • Using Minecraft for Assessment: Community members share how their students are using Minecraft for a variety of learning outcomes - including links to examples. Do you have some gems to share?


  • Audio files in Social Sciences and Languages: John Bower is interested in hearing back from anyone who is using (or knows about) audio files and e-tools in Social Sciences and Languages in a secondary school context. Can you help?
  • Problem Solving approach! Vanitha Govini reminds us there's a shift from teaching problem solving to teaching via problem solving and asks, what is your favourite problem solving activity / website that engages and challenges your students?


Focus on our priority learners


  • Knowing my learners (Linda Ojala): Patrick Pink shares a classic old video, that talks about creating an environment where all students can develop and grow - typical of Unverisal Design for Learning principles.


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