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e-Learning Technologies Round-Up | 25 September 2013

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For more technology gems, tips, tricks, related to mobile technologies from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 25th September 2013.


  • Speak Pipe: Keryn Wilson shares an online tool that enables visitors to leave voice messages on a blog. Great for promoting formative feedback from a variety of audiences.


Mobile technologies


  • IOS7 and educationNeil_V offers some handy summaries on how IOS7 can make the mobile experience more user-friendly in an educational context.
  • Printing from the ipad: Community members offer Cindy Woolston a variety of ideas for setting up printing from an iPad. Do you have a solution that works for you?
  • iExplorerMonika Kern asks if people are aware of iExplorer and what they have found it useful for. Do you have some experience with iExplorer?
  • Technology appsMelissa Grant is looking for advice about apps to use in technology with her Y4 class, as they design trolley prototypes. Any other ideas to offer here?



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e-Learning: Technologies

e-Learning: Technologies

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