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e-Learning Teaching Round Up | 11 September 2013

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For more teaching and learning gems, tips, tricks from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 11th September 2013.

  • Computing Classes: TAGS: request, query, computer classes, curriculum, suite, secondary, chievement standards, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Leigh Hynes, Gerard MacManus, Jenny Smith, Sylvie Vasar, Terry Hokianga
  • Blogging / Website / Wiki: TAGS: debte, comparisons, rationale, wikis, blogs, websites, archive work, collaboration, communication, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Jo Langdon, Barbara Reid, Josie Woon, Miel, Steph Kitto, Justine Hughes, Bruce Ngataierua, Allanah King  
  • Money Week: TAGS: NZC Online, financial literacy, money wise, resouces, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Vanitha Govini, Catriona Pene, Claire Cheeseman
  • Extending your top mathematicians: TAGS: Yr7/8, extension, support, resources, problem solving, gaming, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Barbara Reid, mary jamieson, rochellei, Suzie Vesper, Susan Wood 
  • imageUsing Minecraft for Assessment: TAGS: assessment, maths, problem solving, sharing, showing, gaming, 2D, 3D modelling, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Andrew de Wit, MeganCroll1, Luke Willis, Kassey Downard, Tracy Tindle, Sharron Gray
  • Blog posts - protocols for leaving comments: TAGS: managing class blog, comments, protocols, moderation, effective feedback, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Lisa Ward, Jo Dudley, Shaun Wood, Justine Hughes, Helen Prescott, Jacinda Panther
  • Being an Associate Teacher: TAGS: ICT, strategies, associate, teacher support, student teacher, tips, suggestions, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Kaine Hokianga         


Focus on our priority learners


  • UDL Chat: TAGS: twitter, hashtags, live chat, universal design for learning, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Roxy Hickman
  • Knowing my learners (Linda Ojala):  TAGS: personalisation, Universal Design for Learning, realising potential, diversity, needs driven, effective pedagogy, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Patrick Pink, Roxy Hickman


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