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e-Learning Round-Up | 11 September 2013

Talofa lava, kia ora and welcome to the latest Enabling e-Learning round up.

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Cool WEBINAR: Schools, Google apps and the cloud: 18 September, 3.45-4.45pm

Trends such as ubiquity, personalising learning and ultra-fast broadband mean schools can operate in different and innovative ways to access, process, construct, share and archive learning. In this webinar, we'll explore ways we can we maximise learning in the cloud more - including the use of Google apps for teaching and learning. 

Join guests Fiona Grant and Tania Coutts as they discuss ways to utilise the Google suite in the classroom and across the school. This webinar will be supported by a thread in the Enabling e-Learning | Technologies group. REGISTER NOW.

Looking forward to ‘seeing you online’ this term - hei konā mai,

KarenTessa & Catriona |  Blended e-Learning Online Team


Badge for e-Member of the Week

This week we honour and thank Anne Robertson and Mark Quigley for their contributions to learning conversations across the Enabling e-Learning/ VLN groups.

Anne teaches French & Spanish, is the outdoor education coordinator, IT coach and e-learning leader in her school. Mark joins us as the Associate Principal of Orewa College (also with a physical education/outdoor education background), with recent experience in helping to implement a successful BYOD programme in his school.

Each fortnight, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups. Look out for these announcements in the coming weeks.



red spiral logo Leadership & strategic direction 

  • BYOD Pedagogy | An Enabling e-Learning event: TAGS: BYOD, 1-1 devices, personalisation, effective pedagogy, tips, school stories, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Amanda-Ellesbeth Neemia, Karen Gilligan, Anjela Webster, MariaR, Rob Clarke, Shona Poppe
  • Leading BYOD: Start with Values: TAGS: Vision, values, leadership, change management, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Rowan Taigel, Linda Tomlinson, Geraldine Sumner, Mark Osborne, Mark Quigley 


TKI logoCheck out Leadership and e-Learning via the Enabling e-Learning website.


Professional Learning yellow logo Professional Learning  



TKI logoCheck out e-Learning & Professional Learning>>the Enabling e-Learning website.


Teaching logo Teaching and Learning  |  Digital Citizenship


  • NCEA and e-learning | Designing for success TAGS: Enabling e-Learning webinar, forum, NCEA, technologies, effective pedagogy, future-oriented, schools sharing, challenges, opportunities, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Karen Melhuish Spencer,  Madeline Campbell, 
  • Relevant, smart libraries of the future TAGS: Enabling e-Learning webinar, National Library resources, 21st Century pedagogy, future-oriented, technologies, learning spaces, schools sharing. LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Helen Prescott, Madeline Campbell 

Focus on our priority learners

For more on the latest e-learning conversations, announcements and resources from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups, go to Enabling e-Learning | Teaching blog.

imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching>>> the Enabling e-Learning website.


Green swirly logo Technologies & Infrastructure


  • Google Apps vs Office 365 TAGS: Google apps, Office, school accounts, web tools, Hapara, BYOD LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Rob Clarke, Shanthan Naidu


  • Class blogging: TAGS: top tips, saving, publishing, Blogger, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS:  Frances Nimmo, Angela Lee, Jacinda Panther, Justine Hughes, Allanah King
  • Chrome Bookmarks: TAGS: Synching, Google bookmarks, different devices, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Rob Clarke, Nick Major, Allanah King

Mobile technologies


  • imageInnovative iPad integration: TAGS: iPad classroom. innovative practice, model, teach, share, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Anne Kenneally, Anjela Webster, Shona Poppe, Mohi Mete



For more on the latest conversations about mobile technologies from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups, go to Enabling e-Learning | Technologies blog.




TKI logoCheck out e-Learning and Technologies on the Enabling e-Learning website.


Enabling e-Learning: Beyond the classroom swirl logo  Beyond the Classroom


TKI logoCheck out Beyond the Classroom on the Enabling e-Learning website.



CalendarFor your calendar...

EEL logo Enabling e-Learning events


New Zealand mape-Learning events around NZ


  • Google Chromebook Roadshow, four events:
    • Hawke's Bay: 17 September, 2:30-4:30pm
    • Auckland: 18 September, 2:00-4:00pm
    • Christchurch: 23 September, 2:30-4:30pm
    • Dunedin: 24 September, 3:00-5:00pm
  • EduIgnite Wellington,  19 Sep 2013, Amesbury School, 6-9pm: An Ignite Evening run by educators, focused on education.


Images sourced from Creative Commons and Freedigitalphotos.com