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e-Learning Technologies Round-Up | 11 September 2013

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For more technology gems, tips, tricks, related to mobile technologies from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 11th September 2013.


  • Google Doc Sharing TAGS: Google drive, Gmail, school accounts LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Shine Kelly, Rob Clarke, anne roberston


Mobile technologies


  • Maths apps: TAGS: Maths, resources, apps, learning needs, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Vanitha Govini, Mini Joseph
  • Managing Multiple Tablets: TAGS: bulk, multiple, android, liscensing, tablet, management, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Mini Joseph, Jaimee Donaldson
  • Evernote, e-portfolios and iPads: TAGS: Evernote, e-portflio, compatibility, digital, archive learning, record LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Mohi Mete, Anjela Webster, Jacqui Sharp
  • App Sharing: TAGS: apps, sharing, curriculum, educational, mobile, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Michelle Robison, Catriona Pene
  • Android App Sharing: TAGS: apps, android, sharing, resources, curriculum, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Mary Jamieson, Allanah King
  • Ipad screen repairs: TAGS: screen repair, replace, top tips, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Susan McMillan, iDave, Tracey Gibson, Jaxdonald, Monika Kern, Eric Martiniimage
  • Kidblog: TAGS: storage, capacity, recommendations, alternatives, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Renee, Jo Dudley, Leigh Hynes, Philippa Cowper, Aaron Frost, Marnel van der Spuy 
  • Videos on you tube: TAGS: Youtube, iPad, videos, Flash, Puffin browser, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Kylie Gilbert, Neil_V, Brendon White, Allanah King



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e-Learning: Technologies

e-Learning: Technologies

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