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e-Learning Teaching Round Up | 28 August 2013

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For more teaching and learning gems, tips, tricks from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 28th August 2013.


  • E-portfolios using devices TAGS:  e-portfolios, tablets, notebook, Evernote, home/school partnerships, Google sites, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Pascale Hyboud-Peron, Sam Hamilton, Ra
  • Reading eBooks TAGS: ebooks, juniors, tablets, classroom organization, digital resources, National Library, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Catriona Pene, Lyn Ross, Lisa Allcott
  • Maths / mobile devicePlace value TAGS: digital technologies, visualising addition, place value, Pasifika, girls LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Vanitha Govini
  • Blogging with juniors TAGS: Blogging, quadblogging, literacy, numeracy, classroom organization, sharing examples LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Allanah King, robyn scott, Marnel van der Spuy, Josie Woon, Susan Lindsey, Catriona Pene, Keryn Wilson
  • e-Learning tools for 5 year olds? TAGS: e-elarning, tools, juniors, sharing examples, digital resources LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Marnel van der Spuy, Fiona Robertson, Catriona Pene, Cheryl Eden
  • Monetizing eBooks? TAGS: authors, publish, ebooks, fundraiser, web tools, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Chris Swanwick, Tania, Rowan Taigel 


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