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e-Learning Technologies Round-Up | 28 August 2013

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For more technology gems, tips, tricks, related to mobile technologies from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 14th August 2013.


  • Apple Configurator TAGS: tutorial, support LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Jo Hall, Allanah King, Stuart Hale, redbeard45
  • Locking the app store and settings TAGS: iPad, restrictions, monitoring, managing device LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Leigh Hynes, Catriona Pene, Eric Martini, Allanah King, Innes Kennard, Fiona Young, Andy Parker
  • iBookAurasma TAGS: iPad, display, mirror, tips, tricks LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Tori Wilby, Philippa Cowper, Jacqueline Hill, Jennie L
  •  iBooks TAGS: electronic books, published, iTunes LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Tara Fagan, Sarah Parker
  • iCloud storage TAGS: iPad, cloud storage, classroom management LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: MrsORoom12
  • Multiple iTunes accounts TAGS: iPad, iTunes, VPP, multiple accounts, LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: oliviabrown, Klaris Philipson, Enchante, RedBeard45, Sonya Van Schaijik 
  • e-portfolios on an iPad TAGS: BYOD, iPad, Google Sites, e-portfolios, yr 7/8, schools sharing LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Christine Hansen, Sam Hamilton, JaxdonaldAngela Scoullar, Klaris Philipson, Brendon White                                             
  • NZ Money Apps TAGS: apps, shopping, life skills, money LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Fiona Young, JMKellow, Allanah King, redbeard45
  • Technology apps TAGS: apps, technology classes, design, yr4 LATEST CONTRIBUTORS: Melissa Grant



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e-Learning: Technologies

e-Learning: Technologies

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