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Ako-e i Roto i ngā Akomanga


  • Moana Timoko

    Janelle gave me a tip about making sure that I knew the password that my son uses to access his facebook account.  I also have his aunties and uncles commenting about his facebook happenings....mostly all good now because he too knows that we're watching.

  • melanie wihongi-popham

    that also rang a bell with me Moana... my mokos over in Oz often get the 'stern' facebook caution from me... not for what 'they' say, but what their friends say in their message replies, etc....  So coming from a Kuia/Nanny perspective, I'd like them to hear what Janelle says.. "if your mum or your Nan is okay with what you've said... its all good".  :)  Miharo.  Smile