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Facebook group

By Emma McFadyen Comments (2)

Hi crew

I thought I'd experiment and have created a Facebook group to see if we can generate more discussion over in that space as well.  I'm on Facebook all the time and have various groups connected to my News-feed which makes it easier for me to stay in touch with what is going on.  I'll continue to play around with linking the VLN site into that space too.

The Facebook group has the same name as the VLN site, Primary Science PLD (hope that is okay, I can change it otherwise?) and feel free to post pictures, articles, inspirational quotey things etc and especially share what is happening in your rooms.

Cool Bananas



  • Julz Jameson

    Hi Emma, just tried to find the facebook group. Is it up and running or am I just hopeless lol. Think the group is a great idea. We have been doing lots of cool stuff in my class that i would love to share with other "slightly obsessed about science teaching" teachers



  • Emma McFadyen

    Hi Julz

    Great to hear you are interested in the group :-)

    I've been meaning to post some photos to it and get feedback from the three members.

    I've copy and pasted a link, so hopefully that helps, otherwise the groups name is Primary Science PLD