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e-Learning Technologies Round-Up | 14 August 2013

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For more technology gems, tips, tricks, including mobile technologies from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 14th August 2013.


  • Lovely app for recording short message: Coral Butler shares "Tellagami" as an ideal app for ESOL students. Children can create their own avatar and place themselves within a photo of their choice.
  • App Sharing Multiplication (Hooda Maths) is a strategic multiplication game, good for aiding recall of multiplication facts. It's also Free at the moment.

Can you help?


  • Ipad. a mac and drop box: Ceri de Boo is looking for some advise on where/how students can store a copy of their work, such as Book Creator from an iPad.
  • ipad spelling apps for yr 2/3: Michele is looking for some good spelling Apps to challenge learners in year 1 -3, who have a spelling age of 10.5 and above. 
  • apps for ECE: Heather bell is looking for Apps that support developing sight word recognition, early reading and literacy skills for kindergarten and early school entry levels. 
  • imageStoring music files/sound files: Marion Kirby is wondering if anyone can recommend a cloud storage for music/sound files that they have successfully used and accessed from iPads.
  • Building Own Vocabulary Apps: Te Mihinga Komene wants to know suitable Apps for building vocabulary lists, aplhabetising, archiving and using as a reference - when learning new words, colloquialisms, sentence starters.
  • Screen Recording App for iPad: Tania wants to know how to record the Minecraft screen - as a virtual tour. Can anyone suggest a way to capture the screen and voice at the same time?
  • Reading eBooks: Lyn Ross is asking advice, top tips, organisation, effective classroom practice around good eBooks for a junior class. 



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