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e-Learning Teaching Round Up | 14 August 2013

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For more teaching and learning gems, tips, tricks from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 14th August 2013.


  • Useful New Zealand Science Websites: Shelley Hersey shares with us the New Zealand Science Teacher website created by NZASE (New Zealand Association of Science Educators) showcasing everything you ever want to know about science and science education.
  • Maths apps: Vanitha Govini shares some maths apps from Allanah King's Google site and encourages us to think about using apps, that are best suited to our learners' needs. Do you have any to share?


  • SAMR Model Explained Through Examples: If you're interested in the SAMR model, then you'll also be interested in these technolocial examples that can be associated with Redefinition, Modification, Augmentation and Substitution.
  • Just starting out with minecraft: Heather Harper shares how her students are using and teaching others how to use Minecraft - modelling the power of collaboration. 
  • Eportfolios using Google Sites: Simon Bell shares the value of his students using Google apps including Google sites. A great way for students to be in-charge of their own e-Porfolios.
  • Literacy e-tools for CL 1&2? Jill Hammonds shares some practical processes for using Storybird to encourage writing and creating narrative.
  • Appropriate digital health and wellness: Too much stooping or leaning over screen devices can alter the natural curve of the neck, ultimately affecting co-ordination and other brain function.


Focus on our priority learners


  • Maori boys' achievement: Manu Faaea-Semeatu shares an article in Craccum (University of Auckland Maori Student magazine) on behalf of Nga Tauira Maori, about facing the challenge of Māori boys acheiving in education.
  • Cook Island Language Week 2013: Cook Island Lanuage week may have come and gone, but check out some of the great tips and resources shared that can be used any day of the year.
  • Supporting Imaging in Maths with year 3s: Moving students from concrete to imaging in maths is part of the Math Curriculum. Linda Ojala reflects on her practice with a UDL (Universal Design for Learning) lens.


  • Where I am heading? Day One: Linda Ojala introduces her wonderings as she delves into Universal Design for Learning - in a quest to develop her own personal knowledge and embed UDL within her class. Follow her journey here.
  • Small Threads of UDL: Linda Ojala offers her reflections about readings and videos around Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and discovers some consistent messages that challenges her thinking.
  • Knowing my learners: Linda Ojala reflects on how her learners like to share and ponders new ways of weaving UDL into her class environment.
  • Reflections on Guided Reading with UDL: Linda Ojala visibly shares her journey with us as she considers possible processes and strategies - to better meet the needs of a specific group of readers in her class.

Can you help?

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