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Toe in the water

Hi all

We purchased minecraft edu and 25 lincenses. We have running only at lunchtimes at the moment. We have a couple of year 12 students who setup the server and operate it during lunch. We are experimenting with how w can use it in the classroom.

Friday we asked the students to post boards with what they would want as our AUP Acceptable Use Policy. We have had some issues with inappropriate names and destructive behaviour. We want to use minecraft to help teach digital citzenship, and some of the behaviour we have seen at lunchtime shows us why we need to do this. 

We setup a simple world and asked them post boards everywhere, they read each others and we have adopted 4 as our AUP. The students wanted a jail where we could place anyone who would not play nice! and a couple of students then went onto build a one. They proceeded to have a conversation telling me what materials would be most suitable to make it robust.

Our year 12 leader in this has been using it as an open world, he broadcasts simple challenges using minecraft edu. What we have seen:

  • Students are intolerant of those that do not contribute and engage (tthey will not put up with those that only want to destroy)
  • We have more girls than boys at times, normaly our lunch club has no girls.
  • When set the challenge of build a house..they grouped themselves (we never said it was a group challenge) and built very extravagant homes together.

We have added the mods for buildcraft, computercraft and world of humanties as well as the tutorial worlds that come with minecraft edu.

Our year 12 students are building a world to help teach digital citzenship, this looks exciting and is coming on very nicely.

They love it that I can't play to save myself and take great pride in teaching me.


  • justin hickey

    Fantastic job you have done. I am very keen on minecraft and use it as a stimulus for my students writing, particularly the boys. What you have achieved is wonderful. I only wish the staff  I worked with were as willing to let their students take more control of their learning and trust them to create a workable environment. You must be very proud. Congratulations. I look forward to hearing more on how it goes.