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e-Portfolios: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

[Message courtesy of the Australian Flexible Learning Network]

For those of you who are interested in  ePortfolios there is a very
good opportunity to join in a professional learning community.

A MOOC is a completely open online learning experience that can be
shared by many, without logins or payment. In this MOOC you determine
what you want to explore, how you want to learn, how much interaction
you need and how you want to be supported. You are also free to
harvest resources and ideas from the MOOC to help others in their
learning about e-portfolios.

We make some recommendations for essential readings in each 'Level'
page along with some attached resources. We also provide links to
further information for those who wish to dig a little deeper; these
are gathered together at the foot of each page.

You can choose the E-portfolio environment in which you want to store,
share, reflect and showcase your own digital portfolio (e-portfolio).
There are several options available to you as a participant in this
MOOC and you will find details of those in the E-portfolio Systems