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e-Learning Technologies Round-Up | 31 July 2013

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For more mobile technology gems, tips, tricks from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 31 July 2013.


Mobile technologies


  • Clicker apps: Two new clicker apps on the app store which look really useful and similar to clicker on the desktop. Has anyone tried these and willing to share some feedback?
  • Apple TV: A thread where community members help each other to solve issues associated with using Apple TV in the classroom.
  • App Sharing: Susan Feron shares how ireadwrite app is now avaliable in NZ for ipads - similar to wordq.
  • Dictionary: Mike Allen asks, Does anyone know of a good dictionary for iPads?image
  • Great free app: redbeard45 shares how Apple has just made 5 apps (and some non educational games) free to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Apps Store. Might have to be in quick for these!
  • ipad spelling apps for yr 2/3: Mary-Anne Murphy shares a literacy strategy (Biks and Gutches) where students can create their own nonsensical words/stories using spelling patterns and rules. Want to know more?
  • Building Own Vocabulary Apps: Te Mihinga Komene asks which apps are suitable for housing and building your own vocabulary lists, aplhabetize them, use as a reference when learning new words, colloquialisms, sentence starters etc? All ideas appreciated.

Can anyone help with Apple Configurator?

  • Apple configurator: Jo Hall wants more information on how to use Apple Configurator. She is also asking if anyone in the Hutt Valley area is available to help support her with this.



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e-Learning: Technologies

e-Learning: Technologies

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