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e-Learning Teaching Round Up | 31 July

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For more teaching and learning gems, tips, tricks from across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups for the week of 31 July 2013.


  • Canterbury Earthquake Collections: Merryn Dunmill introduces us to two fabulous new resources in Digistore - relating to the Canterbury Earthquakes for you to use with you students. Suitable for middle - upper primary and for junior secondary.
  • Literacy, Blended Reading and LEARNZ: How can you incorporate LEARNZ into a reading programme? Literacy specialist Jill Hammonds explains how/why and also suggests free tools to help students with their online reading. 
  • Mathematical communication: Catriona Pene shares how she has been experimenting with iPads and Popplet - as a way of sharing maths strategies in a collaborative way.


  • Science Fair: It’s been around for years, but how can teachers encourage the integration of e-learning into a traditional science fair model?
  • What are children afraid of online? Have you asked your students what they’re afraid of online? This English study as some very interesting findings. Closer to home, CraigMcD has also discovered some interesting responses in his own masters research.

Focus on our priority learners


  • Fonts or solutions for a PC: Wawaro Te Whaiti shares a link to the Māori Language Commissions website that shows you the macronsing programmes for both PCs and Macs.
  • Kids sharing how they learn: Patrick Pink shares a powerful video clip about UDL practice and its impact with kids and their ability to be self reflective learners.
  • Sharing Resources: Manu Faaea-Semeatu shares how she has completed her master's dissertation - focused on connecting the cultural giftedness of Pasifika students with their musical talent. If you want to know more, you can contact Manu directly.
  • Connecting with Pasifika learners with SEN: Chrissie Butler shares this video where students share what matters most to their learning. Chrissie asks, What do you do in your classroom? How can technology create more options for both learners and teachers to share their stories?
  • UDL, access and creativity: This amazing video shows how technology can open up a whole new world. Where the means to participate isn't a barrier. Amazing!


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